3 motivational stick-at-it stories to start your year with

Here are three inspiring motivational stories from our community – about exercise, about losing weight and about mental strength.

Tips on reducing body fat, healthy eating and strategies on how to motivate yourself to lose weight can be found on the linked pages. They help you to forge the “perfect plan” that will get you there.

In fact, progress is rarely a straight line. “Two steps forward, one step back” comes closer to reality. Setbacks are part of every success. In moments like this, you need to keep it going.

Motivation stories like this one can give the decisive impulse in critical situations not to give up and to look ahead.

“What was your hang-on moment of the year?” I recently asked our newsletter readers. First, because we call ourselves sticking around. So it fits. Second, now is the time to recharge your batteries, courage, drive and power.

Regardless of whether you want to get back on track, get started again or want to maintain and expand your current momentum: Here are three stories of those who stay tuned for those who stay tuned.

“I wanted to show myself that anything is possible – as long as I believe in myself.”

Motivationsgeschichten Sport


Keeping it up since May 2018

One of my big goals for the year was an obstacle course, the 10 km Adventure Trail Run. Just two weeks before the competition, I injured my ankle.

All the preparation, everything suddenly seemed to have been in vain. I could no longer exercise, no longer run, no longer even go for a walk.

I wanted to give up, but then I thought: No, it can’t and shouldn’t have been!

So I went back to the gym and did upper body workouts – especially for my head so that I can still do sports.

Then, about a week before the run, I noticed: “Hey, my foot doesn’t hurt anymore. I think I can! ”

So I jumped on the treadmill and ran for 20 minutes. That was really good, but unfortunately it was too much of a good thing. Because the next day my foot was even more swollen than at the beginning.

I made the decision that it really wasn’t possible: I can’t start.

But on the competition weekend I got the instinct to fight . I taped my foot with everything I had at home and went to the start – but without any expectation. I just wanted to get to the finish line unharmed.

Of course I was very, very careful with the obstacles. And I not only crossed the finish line, but also achieved it in my absolute dream time.

I’m just super glad I didn’t give up and tried my luck.

I even reached the goal as 111th of 503 runners. But I would have been happy about the last place.

I wanted it for me . I wanted to show myself that anything is possible if I only believe in it myself!

You and your podcasts help me a lot to develop myself and never give up – thanks for that!

I hope my story may give other of us a little hope.

It is not the setbacks that decide, but how you deal with them in your head.

“I now know what I am capable of.”

Motivationsgeschichten Sport


Stayed on since February 2018

I lived in the USA for almost two sensational years. When I returned, it was associated with a lot of frustration for me – and with extra pounds.

Exactly a year ago I said to myself, “Enough!” I started to exercise, eat healthily and get back on track with myself.

I felt progress relatively quickly, and that aroused my ambition.

When the opportunity arose for a very special challenge, I seized it: I joined a small group and hiked through the Sahara for 10 days. With 15 kg on my back, I covered 200 km.

The scorching heat, the endless sand and the mental challenge made the trip an incredibly intense experience. The 10 days there shaped and enriched me.

I went, so to speak, from being a grumpy sportsman to a stickler who was sent to the desert. Where there is a will, there is also a way – even if in my case a sandy one.

For me, the Sahara experience is a statement to myself: I now know what I am capable of. And I keep going.

That makes me proud – and makes me want more!

“I finally feel good in my skin again.”

Motivationsgeschichten Sport


Stay tuned since June 2019

I’m still not where I want my fitness journey to go. But in the past year I achieved a lot.

My starting point is March 18, 2019. That day I started to exercise again and pay attention to my diet.

Before that, I had crazy back problems caused by a herniated disc. My doctor also diagnosed pre-diabetes and high blood pressure during a routine check-up. My head was always red because of the high blood pressure.

I was ashamed of the way I looked. I am the father of two children and knew: It can’t go on like this!

I love to cook and I am a connoisseur. I lost the measure – not only while eating, I also drank too much alcohol.

My friends called me “Jojo-Robi”. Because in the years before I had already lost a lot of weight several times through various diets, but unfortunately only gained more weight afterwards.

Now I’m going to do it differently. For me, losing weight used to mean doing without. Today I know that weight loss and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive.

This realization was an important key for me. Likewise the strength training, through which I was able to maintain or even build my muscles. I also started intermittent fasting, the concept convinced me.

Actually, none of this is witchcraft.

Although it was unfamiliar to weigh food and to pay attention to how much and what I eat.

Now, exactly nine months later, I have my body fat percentage of 26 % reduced to 13%. The scale shows a total of 17 kg less. Weight training is part of my everyday life, I go to the gym four times a week.

99% of my health problems have disappeared into thin air. Above all, I finally feel good in my skin again!

I will continue to stick with it. First I want to see my six pack. Then I selectively increase the calories to slowly build muscle.

I have to say, I really enjoy the whole thing!

I’m a huge fan of this blog. I also really liked Mark’s book and, above all, helped! Thanks for that.


A straight line is only success on paper. In real life it is more like a hike up a mountain, sometimes a sandy one, like with Yvonne. If you learn to overcome such hurdles, you will gain new strength and self-confidence – also in other areas of life.

It is normal to go down a dip to get closer to the next climb. How Cindy, who kept thinking about it despite all the setbacks, adjusted her training, saw a chance at the last moment, seized it and then finally reached her goal.

And even if it doesn’t work at all on the first, second or third attempt – as with Robert. Then such frustrating experiences can be valuable feedback to do things differently next time. For Robert it was clear: I can’t do without enjoyment. So he finds another way, and it feels good to him.

Dear Cindy, Yvonne, dear Robert and everyone else: I wish you every success and, above all, fun on your future path. Thank you for the courage and willingness to share your story with us.

May they give as many of us as possible a tailwind!

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